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This phone service allows me to have multiple extensions, receive and send faxes, texts and alerts me by messaging, direct call and email when someone reaches out.

It’s great that it also has an app that I find easy to use.

I use this next system for two reasons.

I want to track the time I use working on my business and also the independent contractors’ time it takes to complete the tasks I have assigned them.

I love this next tool as it does many things and has allowed me to get rid of multiple systems saving me money in the process. It is the reason some of you have found me today.

You can add 1,000,000 contacts and your free access has no time limit

Contact Relationship Management

Everyone needs something signed right away. I have been using this online software for over 10 years and it is the most cost-effective system for signing or pdf creation.

Doc Signing And Online PDF Creation

Are You A Real Estate Investor? This is the company I use to research all my deals, cash buyers and any number of niches in real estate.

Investor Property DATA

When You Send Out A Lot Of Marketing You Definitely want To See Who Is interested Right Away. I Use This System To Call Those Not On The DONOTCALL List Or Alert Groups To Upcoming Events.

Market by Text Online Or App

To My Clients & Brief Encounters…

I am grateful for the experience I have received working, talking, and learning with you. I am sure it will enable me to assist others with further clarity.

I really appreciate the time you are taking to share with my viewers how I assisted you or just how I have made you laugh. It really means a lot to me and I am thankful for this personal or business relationship that hopefully blossoms into a friendship…

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