Better Income Streams

I could not go another minute without letting you know how much I appreciated your assistance.  You were a wealth of information, you were kind, patient, considerate and most of all sensitive to my story.  I know that hardship is everywhere and there are many people seeking your help.  Most people in your position get desensitized to the pain of others and after cutting them off and denying them simultaneously, they point them to the next available bridge to jump off of.
After speaking with you, I thanked GOD for leading me to you.  After being in this struggle for three years, I can promise you, I have not faced not one person who made me feel as though he or she really cared.  I know you feel as though you personally cannot grant miracles.  I want you to know that you can pencil me in as a recorded miracle.
I am going to continue to look for better income streams, work extra temp assignments and continue to take any class I am able to take because I want nothing more than to return to you with the end result of ” I survived because you cared enough to push me when I could not see a way to push myself.”
Continue to speak to the people on the line as if they matter to you, because I can guarantee you that you are not just saving homes, you are saving lives.
With much love and appreciation,
E Thompson