Property Investing in 50 States

Before I invested in my first multi-unit property I attended over 40 seminars and workshops spending well over $10,000.00 counting the books and courses I read through.

This is an excerpt of what I learned along the way with a couple of checks showing some decent profits in the complete manual. I suggest you start the manual in Chapter 2 to skip my somewhat boring story.

Finding Property

There are many ways to find a property. Word of mouth,
driving, realty agents, the courthouse etc…as a beginning
investor you should focus on discounted property to get the
most for your investment dollar.

What is discounted property?
Discounted property is aproperty that you can purchase
much less than the appraised value.

Every investor has there
rule of thumb but I like to consider a property a discount if
it is 50% below the average selling price of like properties in
the area.

Some examples of discounted properties are those
going into foreclosure, tax sales, abandoned, sellers
relocating, divorce, death, auctions, estate sales, etc…

These and more are good discount properties and can benefit
a beginning investor and future homeowner. I will talk about
three forms of discount property. They are foreclosures, Tax
sales, and abandoned property.

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