How do you find a great contractor?

Referrals are the best source when they come from people who’s judgement you trust, as well as being able to view the results of the work performed.

Just because everything looks fine you should also get multiple referred contractors to bid for the best chance to save where you can. Most contractors will give you a rough estimate and if it sounds good you are ready to move forward. This is typical for homeowners who just want to get it done now.

However, it is never just black and white and in order to keep the bulk of your hard earned cash or you credit rating  you will have to use the same patience learned that got you where you are today.

So here are a couple of tips to streamline and expedite your process.

Tip 1: Arrange a day when all of the contractors can come in a 2 hour window. (Preferably 4 General Contractors)

Tip 2: Scedule appointments 20 minutes apart. (Let The Competition Begin)

Tip 3: Provide them with your own estimate sheet that allows them to break down labor and material costs for the items. ( Google: Contractor Estimate Templates)

Tip 4: Anything you and some friends can do to get the area ready will save you big money. ( Gutting Kitchen etc…)

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