Mission Statement Template

What Is Your Mission Statement? #

This simple document is used to Help you with forming the mission
statement your business lives by.

We recommend one to three sentences that sums up what your
business is about.

Some mission statements share values while others state goals or the
vision the company was created for.

Regardless of the style you choose there are four points we choose to
cover in the creation of your mission statement.

Memorable – If no one in your future office can remember it or
even you something is wrong.

Descriptive – Must sum up what it is you do and cause the
listener or reader to want more.

Short – Get to the point! Who has time for your complete vision
in a short-timed situation

Differentiate – Your mission statement is not to be confused with
a slogan like “Just Do It”

Your mission statement can also be used on the front page of your
website or you can choose a tagline that accentuates the business
The first section of the template has a couple of mission statement
examples to review.

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