Divisions Template

Who Does What? What Are Your Divisions? #

This simple document is used to help you with forming the business
organization and departments chart in order to accomplish your
mission and vision.

We recommend keeping it short, to the point and following the simple
step by step format for easy understanding.

When beginning or in the juvenile stage of your business you realize
that key components are missing or not delegated correctly. You have
an idea of what is needed but your team is not fully aware of the roles,
expectations and responsibilities they have within their departments.

This template was designed to assist you with clarity and your
department heads with guidance.

We will start off with the heart and mind of your business then proceed
with the arms and legs that get the work done.

  1. Mission Statement – Memorable, descriptive, short, & different.
  2. Slogan – What’s that tagline you all say?
  3. Services – What do you offer or do?
  4. Vision – Where will you be in 20, 15, 10 or 5 years.

Once we go over that information, we will think about the various
departments needed to accomplish those goals

The first section of the template has items 1 – 4 to review. The second
two areas cover departments and corporate structure.

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