What I Do

Streamlining Your Mission To Accomplish Your Goals.

I help you save time, money, and point out ways your business can earn more revenue with fewer systems.

Entrepreneur – Veteran – Realty Investor – Adviser – G.U.I.D.E.

History Of Experience

BIG’s passion led him to work over 20 years in the realty, mortgage, and small business industries. Through workshops across the country, he has spoken and taught tens of thousands of future homeowners, investors, and small business owners, in strategies to increase their growth.

As a G.U.I.D.E. My job is to listen, analyze and assist you with developing a plan that will streamline your success. I am sure that after a short conversation I or members of my team can solve your challenge as well as put a program in place that lessens the blow of future setbacks.

Real Estate – Assisted many first-time homebuyers with purchases that received cash back at the closings. Assisted over 2000 homeowners save their homes from foreclosure through multiple banks and investor modification processes. Has solved a myriad of real estate challenges and as part of an investor group buys all property types and land in any condition.

Funding – Assisting individual investors and small business owners in increasing their liquid cash within 11 months through various resources.

Business – Assisted over 5,000 small business owners in budgeting, credit access, profit and loss training, branding, marketing, goal setting, and strategies to increase their cash flow. Created the BESTseries – IncFundPartner to assist those looking to start their own business or grow their existing one.

Real Estate

Buy -Sell – Or invest?


Business And Real Estate


You NEED A Business!

A strong believer in “do unto others what you would have done unto you.”

I had come to realize that many in the financial arena were more after quick income with sloppy if not outright illegal work practices. They often lived for the moment and did not care about whom they hurt.

After being taken advantage of in the early 90’s I realized that in order to prevent others from receiving similar experiences my mission would be to learn all I could in business, real estate, funding, and credit.

I aligned myself with other entrepreneurs and professionals respected and known for their integrity and wisdom in the marketplace.

I and the company I represent have a primary goal of providing the best value, education, and training necessary for you to rest well and confidently refer our services with those you care about.